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2014 Cluster pellet hops (Alpha Acids 6.7%)

$0.63 Ounce

Manufacturer: John I. Haas

Cluster is the oldest hop variety grown in the USA. The choice of name may be connected with the way in which the fruits are arranged in clusters. The origin of the rootstock, however, is unknown. Until the end of the 1970s, Cluster was one of the few varieties grown in the USA and accounted for most of the hop acreage there.  Domestic Hops by the Ounce

Product Description

Bitter Hop. Cluster is one of the oldest varieties in the U.S. The rootstock origin is uncertain. Until the late 1970’s, Cluster was one of only a few varieties grown in the U.S. and dominated the growing acreage. Alpha acids content is medium, aroma is strong and storage stability of the alpha acids is among the best in the world. The variety grows with good vigor and cone production.

Cluster pellet hops by Willamette Valley Hops



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